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A Spin Around The Track With Rajesh J D’souza


The smell of burning rubber and scorched asphalt, the roar of engines being pushed to the limit and the cheering of crowds gathered to watch the fastest men on the planet perform dazzling feats with their mean machines. That’s what Rajesh J D’Souza lives and breathes for. Inspired by the late Ayrton Senna, the Brazilian racing driver who won three Formula One world championships during his career, Rajesh decided to follow his idol’s trailblazing path and ventured into the world of motorsport racing in 1999.


Now a competitive Go Karting racer for the last 15 years, Rajesh has been a part of the JK Tyre Go Kart team with F1 driver, Karun Chandhok, in the year 2000. His most recent racing event was the Michelin Championship at the F1 circuit at Sepang, Malaysia, where he was the 2nd runner-up. To read more about his Michelin Pilot Experience at the Malaysian Formula 1 Sepang circuit, go here:



Driven by his passion for racing, Rajesh is fully aware of the terribly high risks of his chosen sport. Having already suffered minor arm injuries in a couple of near-misses, he chooses instead to focus on the prize: the heady thrill of winning as well as the large sums of cash and glittering trophies. His ultimate dream? To stay fit so he can keep racing for at least another decade and perhaps participate in Formula Renault championships one day in the near future.


For this he has always relied on generous and supportive sponsors. In the past he’s been backed by JK tyres, Dell, Portronics, LG, Network 18 and the Zotac company.


The following are some highlights from his illustrious Gokarting career —

  • Won the Amaron Gokarting Championship held at Delhi in Jan 2011
  • 1st Runner-up in JK Tyre National Gokarting Championship held at Baroda in 2000.
  • 2nd Runner-up in JK Tyre National Gokarting Championship held at Baroda in 2001
  • 1st Runner-up in MRF Formule Mondiale Championship held at Mumbai in 2003.
  • 2nd Runner-up in Accelerace Gokarting Championship held at Mumbai in June 2009
  • 2nd Runner-up in Indian Ocean Corporate Gokarting Championship held at Mumbai in Oct 2009
  • 2nd Runner-up in the Cloud 9 Gokarting Championship held at Mumbai in Oct 2009
  • Finalist in the UK Gokarting Championship held at Leicester in July 2011
  • Semifinalist in the Abu Dhabi Gokarting Championship held at UAE in November 2012
  • 2nd Runner-up in the Michelin Pilot Experience at the Formula 1 Sepang Circuit in Malaysia in September 2013


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