Suresh Rana was leading on day one of the action of Maruti Suzuki Raid-de-Himalaya which culminated in Manali today. The competitors were on the way to Manali for the end of the leg on Day One.

The beautiful route that passes through Shimla to Manali just added to the thrill for the drivers. The roads got slimmer and the green hills were a cherry on the cake from Shimla to Baldeyan. The drivers rode in full pass while at the same time ensured that the safety precautions were adhered to. 

The spectacular S Cross model made its debut in the rallying terrain, grabbing eyeballs and finished at the second position in the adventure category. Manali Man Suresh Rana driving his Grand Vitara manoeuvred the challenging tracks to lead pack in the Xtreme (4×4) category with a time score of 1:45:48 hours followed closely by Raj Singh Rathore 1:47:12 hours. 

In the adventure category, we had Jag meet Gill along with his co-driver finishing first with a penalty time of 1 minute 45 seconds, followed by Rajesh Chalana and his co-driver Yogesh Gupta. Amongst the bikers we had the iconic Arvind KP leading with an overall timescore of 1:39 hours followed by Natraj R 1:40:30 and Ashish Saurabh 1:41:22 hours.  

On the first day of the excitement, the rallyists paced through a distance of 300 kilometres from Shimla to Manali. The rally now moves to Dalhousie to cover another 400 km in the second leg of Raid-de-Himalaya.

Day 1 Results :

Cars Extreme 
1. Suresh Rana – 1.45.48
2. Raj Singh Rathore- 1:47:12
3. Harpreet Bawa- 1:48:00

Bikes Extreme
1. Arvind KP- 1:39:10
2. Natraj R- 1.40.30
3. Ashish Saurabh Moudhghil – 1:41:22

Adventure Trial 
1. Jagmeet Gill & Chandana Sen- 1 minute 45 seconds
2. Rajesh Chalana & Yogesh Gupta – 1 minutes 46 seconds
3. Subir Roy & Nirav Mehta –1 minute 51 seconds


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