Last weekend, I had the privilege to drive the Jaguar F-type R Coupe. And guess what? This week I got to drive the beast, Audi R8 V10 Plus in Mumbai. This model was earlier unveiled at the Geneva motor show 2015. The exterior of the Audi R8 V10 plus Coupé is very sporty. The characteristic side blades, low front spoiler and the rear diffuser are made of carbon.

The twin-seater car has a displacement of 5204cc. The V10 petrol engine with direct fuel injection churns out a maximum power of 542 BHP @ 8,700 rpm. The torque curve of the V10 power unit reaches a maximum value of a full 540 Nm. It reaches 100 km in less than a record 4 seconds and can reach maximum speed of 314km. 

The ‘Sport’ button in the R8 V10 Plus does the trick for you. Accelerate it and the V10 engine goes full out and maximum. All you need is a highway or better still, a race circuit. The car gets a very good grip on the road with its fat tyres. The cost of the R8 V10 Plus is Rs. 2.32 crores (ex-showroom Mumbai) and yes, I would definitely love to own one. Here are a few pictures I would like to share.


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